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300-Hour Certification Requirements & Tuition Information

Core Program Course Requirements and Topics:

Within the first 18 months, you will complete the “Core Program” requirements (178 hours) including the following:

  • Attendance at (4) Teachers’ Intensive Weekends (72 hours – 18 hours per weekend)
    • Module A: The Spine, the Core and the Strength Within
    • Module B: The Shoulder Girdle and Happiness Inside & Out
    • Module C: The Subtle Body and the Vision of Yoga
    • Module D: The Knees, Hips & Pelvis and the Spirituality of Creativity

During each of these Teachers’ Intensives students experience and in-depth weekend of practice and study. Asana, Alignment, Anatomy, Sequencing and Teaching Skills are emphasized. Each weekend includes discussion of yoga philosophy that will enhance your practice, your teaching, and your understanding of yoga. In addition to the weekend hours, students will observe and discuss two 1.5 hour classes with senior teachers at The Yoga Loft.

  • Attendance at (2) 2-Day Teachers’ Immersions (28 hours)
    • Module E: The Heart and Art of Teaching Yoga, Part 1
    • Module F: The Heart and Art of Teaching Yoga, Part 2 

The 2-Day Teachers’ Immersions focuses on teaching techniques including a variety of methods and approaches that will allow you to teach yoga with improved clarity and skill. Understanding how people learn, honing your observation skills, and refining your verbal instruction are just some of the topics we will delve into. Students will receive personalized feedback on their teaching presentations. Philosophy discussions will deepen your understanding of key concepts in yoga and we will discuss how to teach in a way that supports those concepts.

  • Attendance at (1) Restorative Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training Weekend (15.5 hours)

Alysha Pfeiffer will guide you in a weekend of hands on, experiential learning. You will learn about the benefits of Restorative Yoga, how to set up a variety of Restorative Yoga postures properly, how to sequence Restorative Yoga classes, and more. In addition to the 15.5 hours in this unit, 3 in-class assists will be completed with Alysha in her weekly or monthly restorative classes.

  • Attendance at (1) Hands-On Adjustment and Assisting Workshop (5.5 hours)

Each Hands-On workshop focuses on up to two categories of asana. Students will also hone their observation skills, learning to see common misalignments and ways to help students practice and go deeper more safely and effectively.

  • Attendance at (1) Prop Shop (4 hours)

This workshop offers creative ways to use props as a tool for teaching asana with clarity and effectiveness.

  • Attendance at (1) Alignment Intensive (3 hours)

While all of our sessions offer some aspect of alignment in asana, the Alignment Intensive is an opportunity to dive even deeper into understanding the alignment in a certain category of asana. These classes will build your confidence as your refine your practice and your understanding of body mechanics.

  • Attendance in 20 two-hour asana classes (40 hours)
  • Completion of 2 class observations, 3 in-class assists (in conjunction with the Restorative Yoga Training weekend) and a Final Class Project (10 hours)

Elective Requirements:

After completion of the Core Program requirements, students have an additional 18 months to complete the following:

  • 92 Elective Contact Hours – 1 of these hours must be Philosophy Contact Hours.
  • 30 Non-Contact Hours – 5 of these hours must be Philosophy Contact or Non-Contact Hours.
  • Students may acquire Elective Program hours at The Yoga Loft or with approved senior teachers at other locations.
  • Students are welcome to complete their Elective Program requirements while they are also in the process of completing their Core Program requirements in order to complete the whole program in a shorter time frame (minimum 18 months)


CORE PROGRAM: $2,825.00*

Core Program Payment Plan Option:

DEPOSIT: $500.00*
MONTHLY PAYMENT (for 12 consecutive months): $195.00*

Elective Program Payments:

The Elective Program is pay-as-you-go.*


*Application fee and Core Program tuition fees are non-refundable. Electives purchased at The Yoga Loft follow the “workshops cancellation policy”