200-Hour Certification Requirements & Tuition Information


Course Requirements & Topics

Attendance in all training sessions* covering the following topics:

  • Asana Clinics: including Asana (postures), Alignment & Anatomy. This aspect of the program deepens your personal practice and develops your understanding of the fundamental categories of postures. We take a careful look at sun salutations, standing poses, backbends, inversions, forward bends, arm balances and restorative poses. You learn each asana from an anatomical perspective; learning how to align the body for maximum safety and benefit. You also learn about the effects that asana has on your body, both physically and energetically. Work with your fellow students to learn to see and adjust alignment both in your own yoga practice and for others.
  • Teaching Methodology: We discuss and practice Teaching Methodology including Verbal and other Methods of Instruction, How to Teach Beginners, Modifications & Adjustments, Pose/Counterpose, how to deal with Common Misalignments, how to Use Props and more. Participate in Practice Teaching sessions in which you receive personalized feedback. These sessions occur throughout the training, and allow you to refine your verbal skills, as well as provide you with other important teaching tools.
  • The Art of Sequencing: There is an art to teaching classes that allow you to share the full potential of Yoga with your students. We examine how to safely sequence the postures using a variety of methods to create classes that are well balanced and incorporate a clear understanding of how the body works, both anatomically and energetically. Learn to work with themes, both posturally and creatively. The principals you learn in these classes can be applied to any style of yoga from alignment-focused practices, to more movement and flow-oriented classes. The Art of Sequencing program is designed to give you all of the tools that you need to design classes that are both highly effective and uniquely your own.
  • Breathing & Pranayama: We look at the anatomy and physiology of how we breathe. We also study a variety of Pranayama techniques including Ujjayi, Viloma and Nadi Shodhana.
  • Philosophy & Chanting: Discover how the ancient wisdom of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is relevant to modern life, and offers many insights into our mental and emotional well-being. Lively in-class discussions of core concepts provide you with a level of understanding that extends beyond the classroom to your personal practice, and to every aspect your life. Learn traditional chants in Sanskrit.
  • Technology & Teaching Online: You’ll learn how to teach live classes online (including the technology setup) so that you can begin teaching yoga classes as soon as you graduate – no matter what the current state of the world is!

Observation of 6 yoga classes for analysis.

Attendance in 20 public yoga classes at The Yoga Loft.**

Completion of all homework and reading assignments.

Satisfactory completion of worksheets and final teaching assignment.

*Make-ups for missed training sessions must be completed within 2 years of the end date of your original certification program.
**unlimited online classes included with tuition.


APPLICATION FEE: $100.00 ($50 goes towards tuition)

Fall/Winter 2020/21 early registration deadline: August 28th, 2020


***Licensed health care professionals and practicing teachers: receive 20% off of our regular registration pricing!! Email us for more information at info@theyogaloftofbethlehem.com 

***Additional partial scholarships available. If the cost of this program is prohibitive for you, please email us at info@theyogaloftofbethlehem.com for more information on our scholarship offerings!! 

Application fee and tuition fees are non-refundable.

Payment Plans are available. Please email info@theyogaloftofbethlehem.com to inquire.