Written by Miriam Serow! 


When my youngest (of 2) was applying for college she began her essay with the following line:

My mom always says, “If everyone in the world danced, there’d be no war.”

I guess I didn’t realize at the time, but yes, I have thought that (and apparently said it) many, many times. I remember taking my kids to see Riverdance about 18 years ago, thinking it’ll probably be kind of corny but what the heck! Well, I was completely enthralled by what I saw onstage that day. Dance groups not just from Ireland, but also from several African and South American nations, Russia, China, and the streets of Harlem took the stage to showcase their movement. Each was completely unique in their choreographic style and yet here’s what blew my mind….they were also all virtually the same! No matter where on Earth (literally!) they were from or the style of music, so many movements were universal, as was the total commitment and sheer joy with which they performed.

Dance is a Universal buy xenical 120 mg Language and we are all FLUENT! It doesn’t matter if we’re the ones who sit on the sidelines at weddings or the ones who ‘shake it’ in the center of the action. In our own private moments, we all dance. Here at The Yoga Loft we speak the language of the body through our practice. As a trained dancer in my youth, movement was always my preferred language. Yoga has taught me to “speak” more deeply and authentically with myself and the world around me. Yoga Grooves is my way to take the yoga shapes we know and link them together with music that will free the dancing spirit within each of us. No dance experience is necessary and any level of yoga practice will be totally fine. Movement equals JOY and joyful people are more PEACEFUL people. Come feel joy and spread peace. Get your Groove on!

Join me for my Yoga Grooves self-discovery series every Monday night from 6:30-8pm, January 9-February 13. Sign up here. 

Photo from http://www.matayoga.com/mata-blog/date/2012/10

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