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It was just announced that the last season of Game of Thrones won’t air until March of 2019! So as we plunge deep into the show hole, I hope this GOT inspired yoga practice helps you cope. *Spoiler Alert*

1. Child’s Pose – This pose is in honor of all the Stark Children. They’ve really risen up as the heroes of this story. And if they are going to keep surviving and thriving, they’re going to have to keep taking time for meditation, reflection and mindful breathing. So let’s take a few deep breaths for them here.

Image result          New video shows Stark kids talking about which one of them Ned Stark would be most proud of 

2. Table Top + Cat/Cow + Lion’s Breath – Here’s a shout out to those crazy Lannister lions! Lion’s breath is the perfect medicine for Cersi. She’s got a lot of toxins to release from all the wine and all of those toxic relationships.

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3. Downward Dog – For The Hound! The hound made a serious comeback last season. And since his face was set on fire as a child, inversions like this one will return blood flow and fresh oxygen to all those damaged cells to facilitate healing.

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4. Dragon Pose – I had to defer to the Yin Yoga experts on this one. There seem to be a lot of variations but I love that it’s a hip opener because hip openers can bring up lots of emotions, like the dragons tend to do in this show. Hip openers can also be very uncomfortable for the purpose of transformation and that perfectly describes Dany’s journey! She has changed and grown so much (and she finally made all our guilty fantasies come true by getting down and dirty with her nephew!). Try this variation: Place your forearms on the floor and round your spine as if to bow to those majestic Targaryen dragons.

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Q: What do Frank Sinatra and Viserion have in common?

A: Ol’ Blue Eyes!

5. Mountain Pose – For The Mountain himself, Sir Gregor. He’s always got a great tadasana going on. He’s disciplined, a great listener and not attached to the outcome of his actions. He might be the best yogi on the show!

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6. Tree Pose – For the three-eyed raven, who likes to hang out in a tree. Thank goodness for weird little Bran or else none of this story would come together. That actor did not age incredibly well, but he’s finding a look that works for him.

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7. Warrior 2 – Bend the knee! Whenever I teach a pose where I have to say “bend the knee,” I can’t help thinking about GOT. Makes me feel pretty powerful when my students actually do it. The unsullied are honored with Warrior 2 Pose. They are super warriors and did not hesitate to bend the knee to Dany. Jon eventually got there.

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8. Horse Pose – For the mighty Dothraki! Now, I had to look up ‘Horse Pose’ online to see if it actually exists and was surprised to see that it’s another name for Goddess Pose. But it makes sense because this is all good preparation for riding a horse. This is also a really hard pose which is so fitting since the Dothraki are incredibly strong and intense. Writing Yogini’s Tip: Combine this pose with horse breath to fire things up even more.

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After all, we ARE exploring Fire & Ice! Sthira & Suhka, Effort & Ease! EVERYTHING IS YOGA!

9. Wild Thing – For the Wildlings! I am so hoping for that spin-off sitcom where Tormund and the Hound get an apartment together. Brienne of Tarth could be the neighbor across the hall always coming over in her bathrobe and eating all their cereal.

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10. Chair Pose – This one is for you, GOT Fan! Your very own IRON THRONE! Call your power back, friend! Maybe YOU’RE supposed to rule the seven kingdoms?

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11. Deer Pose – We’ll wind down in a pose for the Baratheon’s, the house that started it all by building a rebellion on a lie.

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12. Corpse Pose – We must end here for the army of the dead, the reason for the season, The Whiiiiiite Waaaaaaaalkers! Winter is here so make sure you put on any layers you may have removed during your practice so you’re nice and warm. Inhale love, exhale “SHAME!” and then be sure to enjoy the GOT theme song while you rest in Savasana.

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I hope that you enjoyed this ‘Game of Thrones‘ inspired yoga practice. Vod Chafaan, which means ‘Rest In Peace,’ in Dothraki.

Namaste! ~ Megan

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