Written by guest blogger, Deanna Nagle!

Brian and I have been teaching partner yoga for almost a decade now!

When we first became a couple, we used to go to yoga classes together and do all the partner work with each other whenever the instructor taught them. Eventually, we took a training at Kripalu with Ann Green. We had so much fun and knew we wanted to share the practice with our students at the Yoga Loft.

Each year we teach this workshop, we have more fun! It is always a great experience for us and our students to have the opportunity to connect and practice yoga together. Oftentimes, students bring partners who have not yet taken a yoga class and it is fantastic to see them having fun together with this new and adventurous experience.

There are many benefits to practicing partner yoga together, including better communications (we all need this!) trust, intimacy, connection, and more. Together we can help each other relieve stress, increase strength and flexibility, and bond with each other. Our relationships often mirror our relationships with ourselves, so through the practice of partner yoga, we can also learn more about ourselves and our partner.

Our workshops are a combination of partner relaxation techniques, thai yoga, traditional poses with partners, acro-yoga and more. There is something for everyone! And this year, we have the added experience of sharing a meal together after the practice. We are looking forward to sharing partner yoga with everyone this weekend! Hope to see you there!

Partner Yoga & Valentine’s Dinner
February 10th, 3-6pm

A Valentine’s weekend must! This yoga date night will leave you and your partner feeling refreshed, connected and supported. Join Brian Toseland and Deanna Nagle for an afternoon of divine play with your partner. We will begin by connecting to each other through breathing and meditation, then progress to a heart-opening partner yoga flow. We will stretch, breathe, release stress, and laugh! Learn to let go of inhibitions and enjoy the divine dance of partner yoga. We’ll finish with partner relaxation poses where you’ll help each other relax deeply with assisted stretches and breathing techniques.
Following this 2 hour workshop, we will have a special dinner catered by Jenny’s Kuali! Enjoy delicious vegetarian Malaysian food in a relaxed, candlelit setting. This will be the perfect way to wind-down from the fun energy of the workshop and reflect with your partner on the love and connection that you share.
Cost per person for yoga & dinner: $50 by Jan. 31, $60 after
Cost per person for yoga only: $30

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