Many people find guided meditations to be most accessible when they are first developing the discipline to sit. There are vast amounts of free guided meditations on the internet. Many of my favorites can be found on “Insight Timer,” a free meditation app, which offers over 11,000 free guided meditations!

Today, I am offering you a meditation that I sometimes share in my public yoga classes just before setting up my students in savasana, with the hope it will lead them into a deeper rest.

I suggest either recording yourself reading the text below so you can play it back or have someone else read it to you. Take pauses between each paragraph:

As you sit in quiet, I’d like for you to imagine yourself in your most favorite place in the world. Maybe it’s somewhere you’ve traveled to— Maybe it’s a beach or a giant forest, or a family home.

Imagine yourself walking through this place during your favorite time of day. Notice how the light touches different surfaces in this place. Breathe in the air. Are there distinct, pleasant smells here? Observe the temperature of the air touching your skin. Is there a breeze?

As you continue to walk, imagine finding a comfortable place to rest. Sit or lie down. Imagine yourself taking your time to get very comfortable and still in this place.

Continue to observe your surroundings, feeling more and more at peace and restful in your favorite place.

In this place, be content knowing that everything you need is already within.

With this deep inner knowing that you are safe, loved and complete just as you are, set the intention to trust in your own soul and simply be. Just be.

Inhale trust, exhale surrender.
Inhale trust, exhale surrender.
Inhale trust, exhale surrender.
Continue repeating this mantra to yourself for the next few breaths.

After your next exhale, release the mantra and observe how you are feeling.

Notice any silence or space between your thoughts.

Before we rest, acknowledge that the place that you conjured up in your heart and mind is always available to you.”


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