Gift shopping can be stressful!

Figuring out the perfect thing to get each of my loved ones in such a short amount of time (AND finding gifts that won’t break the bank) is not my idea of fun. It’s difficult to be thoughtful with gift giving when I’m under pressure.

When my mom died, my family made the decision to simplify Christmas. We stopped buying gifts for each other and instead shifted the focus to decorating the house, doing Christmas-y activities and spending quality time together. This has lifted so much stress off of me and I love the holiday season even more because of it!

However, I occasionally still feel the impulse to buy little things for a few people in my life. I also like to give gifts randomly throughout the year, only when the perfect gift presents itself to me. The excitement of giving the perfect gift far outweighs the need to get anything in return, so if I find an item that makes me giddy, I’ll buy it! I’m not opposed to making gifts either.

If you’re having trouble finding holiday gifts this year, here are my top 10 ideas!

  1. A gift certificate to the Yoga Loft! Duh!
  2. Make a donation in your loved one’s name. Consider what cause is most important to them and do your buy xenical weight lossresearch to make sure the organization will use your donation responsibly.
  3. Make a personalized gift certificate offering to do something for your loved one (Ex: clean their kitchen, do their laundry, walk the dog, make them a meal, etc.) AND hold them accountable to scheduling your offered service.
  4. Pick out fabric and pull out your sewing machine to make homemade yoga mat bags for the yogis in your life!
  5. If you love a bearded man, make him this homemade beard oil!
  6. If you know a new mom who is nursing, make her these chocolate chip lactation cookies. Delicious AND useful!
  7. I know I always appreciate sweetly scented soap for the bathroom. Making soap looks fun! 
  8. Who doesn’t love a massage already scheduled and paid for? You know your favorite blogger does!  (*hint *hint, JK! …)
  9. For the kids in your life, give them “Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.”
  10. The Gluggle Jug. That is all.

Above all, SHOP LOCAL! There are so many incredible artists in this area. If you own a business in the Lehigh Valley, feel free to plug your perfect holiday gift in the comments!

Add your thoughtful, low-cost gift ideas to the comments section of this post!

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