Did you know that 99% of New Years Resolutions are not resolved?

According to yogic philosophy, the key to accomplishing a larger resolution or goal is to have a daily, sometimes hourly intention to back it up. If we want something to change in our lives, the only person who can show up every minute of every day to generate inspiration from within is ourselves. I encourage you to try this “Intention Meditation” when you are feeling down or off-track.

In 2017, I made it my goal to lose 100 pounds and I did just that. Every day, my intentions to eat well and keep moving were non-negotiables. This intention meditation was a centerpiece in my life and played a big part in my overall success.


1. Find a comfortable seat– you can sit up tall in a chair, sit against the wall, or sit on enough blankets so that with your legs crossed, you’re hips are slightly higher than your knees. This allows the hip flexors to relax so that your body isn’t a distraction while you’re meditating.

2. Take some time to get situated and begin to even out the breath, making each round of breath a little longer and smoother. Breathe in and out through the nose if possible. Pay special attention to where the breath is most noticeable in the body and allow the breath to become more expansive from that point.

3. Now, contemplate an intention– something you’d like to cultivate more of in your life. The possibilities are endless, so try not to overthink it. Honor whatever pops into your mind first. Then, narrow this intention down to one simple word.

4. On the inhale, say to yourself, “I am” and on the exhale, say your one word intention. Repeat this mantra few times. Examples:

Inhale: “I am“, Exhale: “Healthy.”
Inhale: “I am“, Exhale: “Loving.”
Inhale: “I am“, Exhale: “Free.”

Accepting that you are already what you desire to be and that everything you need is already within is truly the first step in making a big change in our lives. This mantra is essentially a tool; something we can return to throughout our journey to help reinforce our intention to be our best self.

Your mind will inevitably wander during this meditation. Try not to judge where the thoughts go. Label your thoughts as “thinking” and go back to your words in sync with the breath. Remember, you are training the mind to focus on whatever you choose to focus on. This takes practice and there’s no need to be hard on yourself. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading! ~ The Writing Yogini

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