I am thankful for my amazing children for many reasons. Today, I am focused on their consistent reminder to me to be present. 

It’s not something they have to say, presence is something I must practice in order to experience a genuine connection with each of them. 

It’s truly incredible how my energy feeds their energy. I only recently discovered this and it has been a key factor in maintaining a calm household. If I am anxious about a finished past or an unknown future, I am agitated and preoccupied. This effects the overall mood of my children and it’s fascinating!

In my effort to be more present, I am less willing to wish away the hard parts of baby and toddlerhood, knowing that as my children grow, there are stages of our experiences with them that will permanently come to an end. 

My commitment to living my yoga has never mattered more than it does now. And I know that being present with my children is a choice I will never regret. 

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