Legs up the Wall is one of the best poses you can do! It can help with so many different ailments and can be done without any previous warm-up stretches. If you find yourself with a spare wall and some spare time, give it a try!

Getting Into the Pose:
Some people enjoy doing this pose without any props. Resting on the side of your hip, bring your butt right up to the wall and then throw your legs up! (It’s not always graceful!) Some like many props, like a bolster under the hips, a blanket under the head, a strap around the thighs and even a sandbag on the feet. For more prop possibilities, be sure to check out Alysha’s Restorative Yoga class on Tuesday nights at the Yoga Loft!


  • Alleviates low back pain, stress, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, migraines, nausea, varicose veins AND MORE!
  • Great way to rest the feet after tiring physical activity or just after a long day.
  • Helps balance hormones
  • Improves circulation

Want to know something that might surprise you? You are actually NOT supposed to get a stretch in this pose. Legs Up the Wall is a restorative pose, which means you should not be doing any work or feeling any kind of stretch. So if your hamstrings are talking to you at all, simply position yourself further away from the wall.

It’s recommended that you stay anywhere from 3-15 minutes to receive the full benefits of the pose. However, if your feet become tingly to the point of distraction, feel free to either slide the legs down the wall temporarily for relief or roll to your side and come out of the pose.

If the mind starts to wander, try a calming breath to stay focused. I love to inhale for a count of three and exhale for a count of six. This will cue to the brain and nervous system that you’d like to rest.

Follow-Up Sequence:
There are so many great poses you can do from legs up the wall as well! Try this…

  1. Feet wide apart, reaching through heels for hamstring stretch (Upavista Konasana variation)
  2. Bend the knees and bring the bottoms of the feet together for an inner hip stretch (Baddha Konasana variation)
  3. Dead pigeon variation w/ right leg straight up the wall and the left shin crossed over the right thigh. Slowly slide the right leg down the wall, bending the knee, until you feel a stretch in the outer hip of the left leg. Then repeat on the second side!
  4. Happy baby
  5. Easy Twist


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