I’ve been so focused on teaching prenatal, baby & toddler yoga that when Mariela asked me if I would be interested in teaching a breathing and meditation workshop again, I thought to myself, ‘Right! I used to teach those!’

Honestly, I hadn’t been spent much time nurturing that part of my practice since having my second baby. Diving back into breathing & meditation techniques felt like an awesomely beneficial thing to me at this stage in my life.

Something that I adore so much about the study and practice of yoga is that there are a variety of paths to go down. There’s never a dull moment! There’s always more to learn. So over the past few weeks, I’ve devoted myself to nurturing my breathing and meditation practices again. I’ve already noticed a huge shift in my overall perspective on life and my ability to calm my nervous system during times of anxiety and stress has greatly improved.

I have known how to do this for quite some time but it requires regular, consistent practice to see tangible results.

After considering when I could present these techniques in another workshop, the holidays seemed like the perfect time. People are seeking tools to show up as their best selves at different family functions and be present for the sweet moments of caring and sharing.

I hope you will join me on December 14th for an afternoon of mindful breathing, focused meditation and deep relaxation.

Sat., Dec 14, 3-5pm


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