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The holidays are upon us!

If you’ve been in class with me at any point since Thanksgiving, you’ve heard me sing your praises! Self-care is such a hard thing to keep up with during this EXTRA busy time of year. My classes are always quieter between Thanksgiving and New Years and I can come with a number of reasons why. Even if you don’t celebrate the holidays, it’s challenging not to get caught up in the busy-ness vibe that’s floating all around.

So when you stroll in this December, unroll your mat and settle in to take care of you, we teachers here at the Yoga Loft are so impressed! Not only do you benefit greatly from your choice to go to yoga, but everyone you come in contact with benefits from your choice as well. With self-care as part of your routine, you can serve from a place of love, patience and presence vs. burn-out and resentment.

‘Tis the season to give yourself the gift of yoga!

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