(Originally published here and republished with permission):

As we close out a decade and move into the 2020’s, many people are taking inventory of their last 10 years. What were you were doing in January of 2010? Take a couple of minutes to ponder these questions:

~ What was I celebrating 10 years ago?

~ What were some of the big, stand-out milestones of the decade?

~ What awards or accolades come to mind?

~ What felt like failure? Consider, that as a society, we are prone to assess ourselves based on goals met and achievements acknowledged. It’s easier for our brains to think about our lives in this way (hey, EGO!) so many people go along with this without giving it a second thought. However, yoga asks us to consider how we’ve progressed on our spiritual path, prompting us to ask ourselves questions like these: 

~ How have my relationships changed? 

~ Are there brand new people in my life 10 years later? 

~ How do I show love to those people? 

~ Who have I had to let go of? Who have I mourned? 

~ How have I done with my inner work? 

~ How has my soul grown and stretched to new levels, especially in regard to my capacity to love? 

~ How do I show love to myself today compared to 10 years ago? 

I bet that even if you haven’t given this considerable thought until right now, you can accept that some measurable growth in your spiritual journey has occurred. The most wonderful thing about this kind of growth is that it never ends. We are always evolving. Change is inevitable. We become better at embracing inevitability as time goes on if we embrace the process of transformation. We must stay curious and open-minded on this journey of self-realization. Congratulations to your soul’s evolution in the 2010’s! 🙂

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