COVID-19 Policies & Procedures 

Thank you for your patience & understanding during this difficult time!! If you have any questions about our policies & procedures, please email

Checking In Procedures


The studio will be opened 20 minutes prior to class time. The door will be propped open to allow all students to have touchless entry. 


Contactless Environment 

  • Clients must sign up for classes in advance through MB. If a student does not cancel their reservation at least 24 hrs in advance, they will lose their class credit. Unlimited members will be charged a $10 cancellation fee.  
  • Limited class sizes to allow for social distancing between mats.
  • Refrain from touching non-essential surfaces.
  • The boutique is OPEN but please refrain from touching the items as you browse (as much as possible).
  • Hand sanitizer will be available outside the studio entrance and at the front desk. Please use hand sanitizer upon arrival. 


Temperature Checks

  •  Student temperatures will be taken prior to entering the studio with a touchless thermometer. Anyone with a fever over 100.0F will be sent home.


Social Distancing

  • Signs are located around the studio to remind clients to please maintain 6 feet distance between them and fellow yogis.
  • Floor markers will be placed (6 feet apart) for waiting lines at the bathroom area and check-in area.


During Class


Personal Items

  • Students are encouraged to bring minimal items into the studio with them. All personal items should be carried into the studio and placed next to the students mat. (Cubbies will not be available for use). Shoes may be left outside of the studio on the shoe racks. 
  • Clients should bring their own mats, props, and bottles of water. Tea and water stations will not be available.


Designated Mat Placements

  • Socially distant spaces for students are marked with tape, so clients know where to place their yoga mats.


No Hand on Adjustments

  • For the time being, hands-on adjustments from our teachers will not be offered.



  • Face masks are required before, during and after class for everyone inside the studio.


After Class

  • No Gathering in the lobby, hallway, or bathroom area.
  • Once students pick up their belongings (yoga mat, props,etc) after the class please do not set them down again on benches or other common areas. 


Cleaning Procedures


  • Sanitizer will be available outside each studio, by the front door, and by the front desk
  • Studio floor will be cleaned after each class
  • Doorknobs and doors, light switches, front desk area, bathrooms, and any other frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned with disinfectant after each class.


General Procedures:

– All students, teachers, and staff members will be required to wear face masks for the entire time they are in The Yoga Loft. 

-No rental mats will be available. Please bring your own mat. 

-We will require face masks, daily temp and self health checks for all team members.

– Every student is required to sign a new COVID-19 waiver.

– Due to limited space, a no-show policy will be in place. If a student does not cancel at least 1 hour prior to the start of class, or does not show up for a class they have registered for, the class credit will not be returned. Unlimited members will be charged $10.

– Some in-studio classes will also be live-streamed over Zoom. However, the camera will be set up in a way that no students will appear on the live-stream video.