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  • Enroll in an upcoming 6-Week Beginner’s Yoga Series: This series of six classes is designed to introduce beginners to yoga, or to give you a refresher course if it’s been a while. This is a great way to walk into your first yoga class feeling confident that you have the basics covered.  Buy Now
  • Try our new student Intro Offer, 2 weeks of unlimited yoga for $29: This will give you the opportunity to try a variety of teachers and classes on our weekly yoga class schedule. (“specialty classes” not included). Buy Now


About Yoga: 
Yoga is a tradition with roots in ancient India that has evolved to embrace the wisdom of many places and times. It means many things to many people, and at The Yoga Loft it is fundamentally a discipline to promote personal transformation, self-knowledge and wellness. Over time yoga has split into dozens of systems, but all share roots in the philosophy laid down in ancient texts such as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, a text authored in South Asia sometime between 200 B.C. and 500 B.C.E. These texts, meant as a reference for passing on the great tradition of yoga, offer valuable insights on the human experience, as well as a program of study for the individual seeking a deeper understanding of his or her own true nature. The physical practices of yoga, known as Hatha Yoga, have shown tremendous benefits for people seeking fitness as well as therapy for chronic ailments and injuries. Yoga also promotes the creation of a quiet, reflective space in the mind, mental clarity, focus, and an overall a sense of well-being that can help alleviate anxiety, depression and other mind-body disorders. As you begin to practice yoga exercises, you will notice small effects in the body, mind, and emotions at first, but ultimately the benefits can become much more significant. By promoting positive physical and mental change, yoga can help you transform your life.