Feeling stressed??

You’re not alone. After 2 years (and counting) of a global pandemic, a shaky economy, numerous political & societal issues, global wars, and more – many individuals are facing higher stress levels than ever in our lifetime.

Prolonged feelings of stress can impact our physical health (headaches, high blood pressure, trouble sleeping), mental health (depression, anxiety), and emotional health (irritability, lack of focus, constant worry, overwhelm), as well as our relationships with others.

Our 7 day challenge “Spring Cleaning: Declutter the Mind to De-stress” gives you a simple task to complete each day to reduce your stress levels. These tasks are intentionally designed to be approachable and easy to fit into your daily schedule (many take less than 5 minutes).

Psychologists often recommend focusing on ONE thing each day that you can control, as a way of managing stress, anxiety, and depression. Join us for this free 7-day challenge and we will give you that ONE thing every day for a week!

Disclaimer: This program is not created or run by mental health professionals. If you feel that you need support from a medical or mental health professional, please seek help from appropriate sources. Residents of Pennsylvania can call the PA Support & Referral Helpline at 855-284-2494 or call 2-1-1 to reach the United Way.