from Teacher Training
“This program improved my personal practice tenfold, and gave me every tool I could possibly need to share my love of yoga with others. I learned alignment, safety, anatomy, how to teach, philosophy and breath work from instructors who could probably write books about this stuff. Their knowledge and passion is just incredible. I am so grateful I was lucky enough to have had this experience with The Yoga Loft, and I can’t wait to take their 300 hour training.”

– Tami C.

Nothing has improved my health and well-being more than yoga. Last year, I decided to deepen my understanding and practice of yoga by taking the 200 hour teacher training program at The Yoga Loft. The teachers and the program delivered! Perhaps more importantly, I now realize that I have only just begun to uncover what could be.

– Lynn P.

The wonderful teachers at the Yoga Loft accepted me as I was, larger than your typical student. They were truly caring and nurturing, allowing me to grow in m practice and become a better student and teacher. The Yoga Loft will always be my  “yoga home”.

– Angie T.

The Yoga Loft Teacher Training was a transformational experience. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, registering for the summer intensive program was one of the greatest gifts I could ever have given to myself. I was challenged physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and as a result, I have grown in ways that make me more proud of my truest self. The best part is, the transformation is still happening… yoga continues to expand my life in the most important ways.

I do yoga because it gives me space to play, explore, learn, progress, observe, and become more aware of myself and others. Yoga reminds me that life is a process. It helps me to be present and encourages me to be flexible mentally and physically. Yoga is my self study and my form of prayer and moving meditation. Now I get to share all of that awesomeness with others!

The comprehensive curriculum covers the physical body (anatomy and asana practice), yogic philosophy, and the art of teaching. The daily asana practice involved in the training, the process of learning new information (anatomy, philosophy and asana alignment), and practicing a new skill (verbally speaking action cues) provided wonderful opportunities for self-discovery. I gained great awareness about my own asana practice, body, and breath. All of this happened in an incredibly safe and supportive environment, thanks to my fellow trainees and our teachers. The quality of teachers is what makes the Yoga Loft Teacher Training truly distinctive.

–Julie A.

I can’t say enough great things about Yoga Loft director, Jessie Thompson, and the Yoga Loft teacher training programs. It is definitely worth it if you’re looking to improve your practice, improve your teaching, and improve your understanding of yoga. I got so much out of the 200 hr. program that I signed up for the 300 hr. program. Jessie and the Yoga Loft teacher
training programs are truly gems so close to home.

– Kate T.

I’ve moved around a lot and the Yoga Loft is still one of the best studios I know, with gifted and committed teachers. The teacher training program came at an important moment in my life, and it also deepened my practice significantly. I think what sets it apart from other TT programs is that they understand teaching in an expansive way: They don’t just give you tools that enable you to pass on basic information. They provide a framework that obliges you to become a more committed student, and that in turn fosters the desire to learn and a love of the practice.

– Clorinde P.

I was interested in taking my yoga practice further. I found The Yoga Loft and decided to fully immerse myself.  I enrolled in the 200 hr YTT Summer Intensive Program.  As advertised, It was an intensive program.  The program is very comprehensive. The teachers are very supportive, knowledgeable and passionate.  The program curriculum provided the building blocks to strengthen my practice, brought more awareness to my body and mind and the confidence to teach and share with others. I am very grateful for this part of my yoga journey and its continued evolution.

– Jill C.

The teacher training program here at the Yoga Loft was an amazing experience! This program strengthened my practice, my body awareness and my desire to share this knowledge with others. The amount and variety of information I learned in the program has really made me want to keep learning more and more. All of the teachers in the program were so knowledgeable and incredibly helpful and inspiring. From the cirruculum to the teachers this program was fun, interesting and really felt like a journey!

-Alicia P.