300 Hour Teacher Training Program

Adaptive Practices

June 9-11, 2023
6-9pm Fri
9am – 5:30pm Sat/Sun


We’ve all been there…someone walks into your public class labeled as All Levels or Mixed Level but has no yoga experience or has different abilities or physical challenges beyond anything we may have experienced in our students previously. How do you adapt? Or perhaps you’ve been approached about teaching a private or group class to those of differing ableness. This module will tap into your existing knowledge, spark your creativity and give you specific, practical tools to create practices that offer the benefits of yoga to students exactly as they are in multiple settings. We’ll work with chairs and yoga props as well as basic, accessible household items that you can use to offer meaningful and fun practices for all.

Join us for this module!

This is a module in our 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training Program, and is also open to the public for CEUs (Continuing Education Units).

The cost to attend this module for a total of 18 hours of CEUs is $399: click here to register for CEU credit.