300 Hour Teacher Training Program

Advanced Asana Instruction & Cueing

March 10-12, 2023
6-9pm Fri
9am – 5pm Sat/Sun


Advanced Asana Instruction doesn’t necessarily mean you’re teaching advanced poses. In fact, there is more skill required in speaking effective cues that help bring students into the safest versions of poses in their own bodies for the most beneficial experience. How do you gather all the information you know into cues that are clear, concise and efficient for students at every level of practice? This is the Art of Teaching and you are the artist. In this module you will develop your own unique way of putting it all together through specific verbal and written exercises and practicum. This module is a confidence builder. No more searching for your words!

Join us for this module!

This is a module in our 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training Program, and is also open to the public for CEUs (Continuing Education Units).


The cost to attend this module for a total of 18 hours of CEUs is $399: click here to register for CEU credit.