300 Hour Teacher Training Program

Honoring Yoga’s Lineage

December 9-11, 2022
6-9pm Fri
9am – 5:30pm Sat/Sun


What is spiritual bypassing and how can we as teachers avoid falling into that trap? What is the difference between appropriation and appreciation? We are so privileged to be able to benefit from and embrace this ancient practice of Yoga in our modern day lives. And we love it so much we devote ourselves to sharing it with others! But we didn’t invent it and we cannot claim it in this Western American culture as our own. It is therefore incumbent upon us as teachers to understand the roots of this ancient practice, its rich and varied history, and to teach it with the respect and reverence it deserves. This module will offer an overview of the ancient language of Sanskrit and how, when or if to use it in our teaching. We aim to be part of the necessary and overdue shift in Yoga in the West that embraces Yoga’s roots and uplifts and includes without question all who seek it.

Join us for this module!

This is a module in our 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training Program, and is also open to the public for CEUs (Continuing Education Units).

The cost to attend this module for a total of 18 hours of CEUs is $399. For those enrolled in our 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training Program, this module is included.