300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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Advanced Training Program: Enlighten & Expand

Embark on an enriching journey to deepen your yoga practice and elevate your teaching skills with The Yoga Loft’s 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program. Designed for 200hr certified instructors and dedicated practitioners seeking a transformative experience, this program goes beyond the fundamentals, delving deeper into the ancient art of yoga and making it applicable and accessible to our modern world. 


Offered primarily via weekend modules, an invaluable integration & personalized mentoring component, and a mix of online and in-person programming – our advanced training is designed to be more accessible to busy professionals, full time yoga teachers, teacher trainers, and anyone who wants to take their training further than the base 200 hour programming.


Join us on this empowering path to elevate your practice, inspire your students, and unlock new dimensions of mastery in the art of yoga.

“I was incredibly lucky to have found The Yoga Loft to complete my 300 hour training. The teachers were not only incredibly knowledgeable but also kind, supportive and always made themselves available to my needs. The studio was a great environment to do the training and seamlessly transitioned to online training during the pandemic. I highly recommend The Yoga Loft for teacher trainings.”
Suzy V.
TT300 Grad

Enlighten and Expand is a good fit for you if you’re looking to:

  • Deepen and/or reinvigorate your own practice
  • Fine tune and expand your teaching skills
  • Enhance your knowledge beyond that of a 200 hour program
  • Refine your teaching to meet all bodies that enter your class
  • Explore the relationship between yoga and social justice 
  • Teach with a lens toward inclusive, trauma informed practices
  • Reach Beyond the Yamas and Niyamas and apply yoga philosophy to modern living
  • Expand your breathwork practices to support everyday living 
  • Explore yoga’s sister science – Ayurveda – in an accessible way
“Fabulous training program that continually seeks a wide range of faculty with extensive experience and backgrounds to enhance the training program. Very welcoming atmosphere and workable program.”
Lynn W.
TT300 Grad

Curriculum Highlights

  • Retreat to Self 5-day Yoga Intensive: This Retreat-Like Format forms the foundation of our advanced programming and provides a glimpse and intro into all of the modules listed below.
  • Advance Your Asana, Alignment, Anatomy and Physiology: Includes functional anatomy & alignment, creative sequencing, cueing mastery, and yoga for specific anatomical & health needs.
  • Learning from the Sages – Essential Yoga Philosophy: Covers key philosophical themes from the roots of yoga (including the Yoga Sutras) & mythology.
  • Accessible/Adaptive Asana – Transforming your Teaching to make it Trauma Informed, Accessible and Inclusive for all Bodies and Specific Populations: Includes accessible & adaptive yoga, as well as tailoring teachings in a trauma-informed way for specific populations – including kids, pregnancy, seniors, beginners, etc.
  • In Service of Others – Seva, Social Justice and Trauma Informed Practices
  • Settle into Stillness – Restorative, Yin and More
  • Accessible Ayurveda – Yoga’s Sister Science
  • Beyond the Asana – Expand your Offerings Through the Use of Mudra, Mantra, & Pranayama
  • Mind over Matter – Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Elevate Your Yoga Business Acumen – Advance your Yoga Business in an Ethical and Sustainable Way
  • INTEGRATE – Mentoring, Integration, and Teaching Practicum
*Underlined topics are part of the TT300 required curriculum. Additional topics offered as electives.

Training Structure & Details

Upon successful completion of the program, you may become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT500) with Yoga Alliance.

Our program is intentionally designed in a way that makes it more accessible & approachable to those with busy lifestyles. Fewer full in-studio weekends than before, without reducing the quality or quantity of the content you receive makes this doable for those with full teaching schedules, busy parents, caretakers, working professionals, and more! 


All training content is provided by our highly trained and knowledgeable in-studio teaching staff, as well as guest experts in specific topical areas. 

Every in-studio training includes Asana & Pranayama practices, as well as opportunities for practice teaching.

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"Very knowledgeable and experienced teachers, great program overall. I feel like a high level teacher now.”
Amy K.
TT300 Grad

Tuition & Payment Options

Your tuition includes:
  • A total of 200 hours of advanced training
  • Retreat to self: 5-day Yoga Intensive (5 full training days, breakfast, lunch, & tea provided daily, printed manual, journal, pen, & more)
  • 5 required advanced training modules
  • 5 “Wisdom Wednesday” Zoom Sessions
  • INTEGRATE Module: 1:1 Mentoring, Teaching Practicum, and Final Project
  • Unlimited Yoga Membership for 1 year from date of enrollment
  • $200 studio credit to use towards elective hours (*elective hours are not included in tuition and are pay-as-you-go)
Option 1: Earlybird Pay-in-full
Pay in full by August 31st, 2024 for this $200 discount!
Option 2: Regular Registration Pay-in-full

Pay in full rate, beginning September 1st, 2024.

Option 3: Payment Plan

$500 deposit

+12 monthly payments of $306.25 

OR +18 monthly payments of $205.00

Meet our teacher training faculty

Larissa Noto

Program Director, Teacher
I teach yoga because it’s so much more than just a physical practice – it’s a whole lifestyle — a mindful, accessible path that you can use to carry you through all the things that life throws at you to still feel connected, centered, calm and present to all that happens within us, around us, and among us
Larissa's Bio & Class Schedule

Carrie Morgan

Lead Teacher
I practice yoga because I have learned so much about my mind through a deeper understanding of my body-mind-breath connection. I teach yoga because I want to help everyone else experience this freedom too.
Carrie's Bio & Class Schedule

Miriam Sandler

Lead Teacher
My way “in” has always been through movement. Learning to align my movement with my breath centered me physically and emotionally in a way I hadn’t realized I was missing. I teach yoga to offer that same sense of peace, contentment, and mind/body alignment and acceptance to others that has so profoundly allowed me to feel at home in my own skin.
Miriam's Bio & Class Schedule

Melanie Smith

Yoga has always been a therapeutic place for me to land. By exploring the physicality of my body and the quality of my thoughts on the mat, I’ve been able to learn a great deal more about myself from a place of compassion and understanding. This has empowered me in all aspects of my life and this is what I want to share with others. This is why I teach yoga, to hold space for people to be curious about their thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations so that they too can feel more comfortable, curious, and empowered about their own lives, minds, and bodies.
Melanie's Bio & Class Schedule

Sangeeta Vallabhan

As a practitioner, yoga has helped me feel proud of who I am and become my own friend, rather than adversary. As a teacher, I aim to help people feel heard, seen and comfortable with themselves. It’s an honor to work with students and teachers who have recognized the trauma they’ve survived and trust me to help guide them as they move through the world with more agency.
Sangeeta's Bio & Class Schedule

Adjunct Faculty & Guest Teachers

Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness to Support Mental Health”
“Yoga for Stress and Anxiety”

Ayurveda in the Kitchen: Cooking with Nature’s Rythms”

Intro to Sound Healing”
“Sound Healing: From Science to Sacred”

Inclusivity & Accessibility for All Bodies”

Empowering Birth: Supporting Prenatal Students in Public Classes and beyond”

Empowering Birth: Supporting Prenatal Students in Public Classes and beyond”

Empowering Birth: Supporting Prenatal Students in Public Classes and beyond”

Introduction to Yoga Mythology”
“Goddess Circles”

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